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Since 1987, Hall has worked site-specicifally in a variety of locations. In the landscape she has explored the human relationship to the non-human environment, working over long periods of time on site in Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Japan. She has most recently initiated site-based works to explore female labour in a variety of contexts, and continues work on a new project exploring prayer. Click on the image to explore this work in more detail.


Hall began to fish in 1988 with Eli Tucker's crew in Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland. She has created work about the inshore fisheries for more than 15 years, moved and inspired by the labor, the knowledge and the deep connection between fishers and their environment. She expanded her investigations to Bonavista in 1997, and to the west coast of Canada about a year later. Click here to explore this work in more detail.


In the early 90's, Hall's preoccupations stretched to embrace issues of embodiment. An encounter with surgery led her to inquiries about how the female body is constructed within traditions of western science and medicine. After working in a medical school for more than two years, she continued her research, culminating in a large, interdisciplinary installation called New Readings in Female Anatomy. Click here to explore this, and other work about the body in more detail.