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About the Body

Re-writing the Body-towards the reading room- 2001-on-going

A project intended to build a collaboratively-authored "library" of book works about female embodiment, Re-Writing... involves workshops with women and girls accross the continent and site specific installations of the evolving "reading room" in workshop locations. For details on this project, click the image.

New Readings in Female Anatomy-1994-2001

A major installation of image, text, objects, sound and bookworks, New Readings... was the culmination of six years of Hall's speculative work around the construction of the female body. Mounted by Carleton University Art Gallery in partnership with The Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, and accompanied by a hard-cover catalogue, this body of work in foundational to Hall's ongoing preoccupations with embodiment, with western science, and with female "voice". For details, click the image.

Miscellaneous Body Works- 1992-ongoing

Hall's studio-based practice serves both as conceptual research and material experimentation- one investigation leading to another, one path abandonned in favor of another. The work represented here, while never exhibited in public, makes visible both products and processes which advanced her thinking as well as her "making". For details, click the image.

With the Body

Sound and Voices

This section will present sound works, and is under development.


Hall presented her first public performance the year she turned 50, and since that time has stepped lightly, occasionally, and tentatively into this terrain. Click the image for details.