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Miscellaneous Body Works: 1992-ongoing

These fragments and shards of early and on-going work are here only to indicate some of the ground Hall has explored and continues to, in her work about the body. None of this work has been presented to the public, and can therefore be viewed as preliminary- experimental- speculative- as echoes of her process which sometimes becomes foundational to work she has completed and shared with an audience. It is here to share a small glimpse of how she works through her questions- about materials, about concepts, about what path she wants to travel and how far she wants to journey.


The Body Politic, 1992, mixed media on stained paper, 40 panels, 17" x14" each

Hall was often asked after New Readings in Female Anatomy was shown, "When are you going to do something about the MALE body?". She often answered " Maybe when I find something about it I can take seriously". Invited to donate a piece to a local fund-raiser, Hall began to play with both this question and this answer.

A large series of BOYTOYS emerged- constructed from plaster casts and purchased plastic toys from the Dollar Store, they incorporated vehicles and tools and toy weapons, and were obviously "male". They were accompanied by "advertising" graphics, which Hall intended to incorporate in packaging for the toys. While humour often finds its way into Hall's work, she found she couldn't sustain her interest, or her sense of humour, and left the series incomplete. She keeps many of the "toys" in her bathroom cabinet, and gives others away to friends. In all ways, they represented "something to play with."

Warhead, from BOYTOYS, 2001 The Big Hoser, from BOYTOYS, 2001 Little Digger, from BOYTOYS, 2001
Graphic for The Wheelie Weenie, BOYTOYS, 2001, digital- dimensions variable.
Photographing the Body- 2002-ongoing

Hall has used photography in her work for many years. She continues to make work in this medium, sometimes as an element in mixed media drawings, installations, or bookworks, and other times, for its own sake. The photographs here may find their way into some of the Re-Writing the Body books, or may not.

Mouths, 2004, digital photographs, variable dimensions
Bearded Girl, 2004, digital photographs, variable dimensions

Wedding Dress, 2004, digital photograph, variable dimensions

Hair, 2004, digital photographs, variable dimensions
Lambikens, 2004, digital photograph, variable dimensions

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