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Artist's Acknowledgements

The original art created for this book was informed not only by the research process of this interdisciplinary study, but by continuing conversations the artist has had with fishers since her introduction to the inshore fishery of Newfoundland in1988. Participation in this study allowed her to stretch her dialogue with fishers to the Queen Charlotte Islands in 1998, and for that opportunity, she is grateful. While none of the texts in these images are direct quotations, they are informed and enriched by the information, history, and practices shared by those fishers who generously gave her their time, answered her questions, and told her their stories. The artist wishes to thank and acknowledge these individuals for sharing their voices and enriching her understanding of their work on the water.

In Quidi Vidi and Bonavista, Newfoundland: Caleb Tucker, Eli Tucker, Wilson Hayward, John O'Connell, Gerry Hussey, and Fred Tremblett.

In Queen Charlotte City, Masset and Skidegate, Haida Gwaai (Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C.): Charlie Bellis, Roy Jones Jr., Roberta Olson, Carol Kalusha, Carl Coffee, Glenn and Linda Davies, George Wesley, and Russ Jones for introducing me.

(from Just Fish:Ethics and Canadian Marine Fisheries, p.7)