Published for the exhibition of the 1988-89 Newfoundland work at Sir Wilfred Grenfell Art Gallery, containing an essay by Colleen O'Neill, this catalogue is still available. Click here to visit their publications page.

Published to accompany the international opening of the exhibition in Tokyo, in 1994 and the tour of Canada which followed, this catalogue represents the body of work now in The Permanent Collection of The National Gallery of Canada. With essays by Patrick O'Flaherty and Nancy Shaw, is available through The Art Gallery at The Rooms in St. John's, or through contacting the artist.
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Curator Cliff Eyland's article about The West Coast, published in Canadian Art in 1992, can be found here.
Cliff Eyland's 1996 catalogue essay from Re-Thinking the Rural-contemporary Art in Newfoundland, can be found here.