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A Wish and a Prayer- 2007- ongoing

Late in 2007, the Brown-RISD Hillel Gallery in Providence R.I. invited Hall to create a new site-specific work "in conversation" with the notion of "prayer". Beginning with a daily practice- "32 days towards a house of prayer", Hall elaborated a participatory Wishing Wall, which engaged community members in both Canada and the U.S., and which grew to completion over more than a month in Providence early in 2008. For details on this work, click the picture.


Dressing Up Work: The Apron Diaries- 2007- ongoing

In 2007, Hall began a long-term project exploring and celebrating female labour. Employing over 1200 second-hand aprons, she has marked spaces of "women's work" in a variety of sites in Newfoundland. Comprised of installations, photo-based portriats and story collection, and "data-mapping", this project is on-going and intended to unfold over many years at multiple locations where women's labour has and continues to take place. For details on this work, click the image.


Re-Seeding the Dream- 1997-98

In 1997 Hall undertook a residency at the Art Gallery of Southern Alberta. Working with farm women and other volunteers, she constructed and installed 150 fish-shaped windsocks in a field of growing winter wheat on the Lanier farm, south of Lethbridge. A meditation on scarcity and abundance-on the labour of fishing and farming- Re-seeding wintered on site, until Hall returned to harvest it the following year. For details - click the picture.


The Coil: A History in Four Parts- 1988-93

For more than five years Hall worked with a hand-made "line" called The Coil- "drawing" on the land from Newfoundland to British Columbia, from Alberta, to Japan. Documented through a series of mixed media drawings called the Biographical Notes, The Coil represents the artist's speculations about human engagement with the environment, the power of place, and the tensions between dependancy and mastery- labour and leisure- in the landscape. For details click the picture.

Sticks and Stones- 1988

Ephemeral and personal, Sticks and Stones was a winter walking project on the Witless Bay Barrens not far from St. John's. Accompanied by 6 "walking sticks", Hall used them to guide her eye, and to mark her temporary presence in an empty landscape. For details click the picture.

Path to the Wishing Place- 1988

Finding and marking a path to an inaccesible beach on the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula, this project was installed for nine months to "see" how it would survive the elements, and might be transformed by nature. Hall's first installation on the land, for the International Sound Symposium, it was foundational to the site-specific work which followed, and which she still pursues. For details click the picture.


History Books and Travel Notes- 1987-2004

Hall has been making small mixed media "notes" for many years- reconstructing memory and collected fragments from her encounters with the landscape. Part journal, part object- these works represent an ongoing set of preoccupations with place, memory and materiality. For details on these works, click the picture.


Worshipping the Stone- 1987

Preoccupied with the power of place, carried out in both Newfoundland in in Northern Scotland, Worshipping the Stone, was a major body of work representing Hall's earliest engagement with the landscape as a site for spiritual and well as physical encounter. For details, click the picture.