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Book Works

Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge- 2011-2012

A collaborative art-and-knowledge project, the Encyclopedia represents a sustained research-inquiry into art as a means for making visible the marginalized knowledge practices of rural and coastal communities in Western Newfoundland. Part of Hall's doctoral research and production at Memorial University, the Encyclopedia represents experiential, material, traditional, contemporary, embodied, and practice-based knowledge shared by more than 80 collaborating co-autors in more that 20 small communities throughout Bonne Bay and the Great Northern Peninsula. For details on this collaboration click the image.


Re-writing the Body- towards the reading room

Re-writing... represents Hall's on-going work to build a "library" of knowledge about female embodiment. It is a project involving collaborative authorship with girls and women in North America, the creation of bookworks based on their writing, and ongoing installation and workshop components. For details on this project, click the picture.

Gynaeopedia - Text Only

The text within the Gynaeopedia is presented here for those who find it difficult to read from the drawings themselves. If readers desire for any purpose to quote from this material, please contact the artist for permission. Click the image for the full text.

Talks and Presentations


Ethics and Engagement

A Keynote Address by the artist in 2004, at Documenting Engagement: A Community Artists Media Institute, in Vancouver, B.C. . This presentation is available online- click the image to go there.


No Discipline

No Discipline:Encounters between the Boundaries of Art and Science, was presented in Montreal in 2000, at Throughlines- the first national conference on Interdisciplinary Art Practice in Canada. It was published in L'Espace Traverse, edited by Guy Laramee,( EDITIONS d'ART LE SABORD, Montreal) in 2002. For details on this presentation and publication, click the image.


Go Fish

A presentation examining the Canadian inshore fisheries crisis from the personal perspective of more than 15 years of creative work in this area, GoFish was presented for the first time in 2003, at Goddard College in Vermont. For details on this presentation, click the image.

Children's Books

On the Edge of the Eastern Ocean- 1982

The story of a small puffin on a hero's journey to earn his name, this book introduces readers to the seabirds of the Atlantic and to some of the environmental dangers challenging their survival. Written and illustrated by the artist, Fench title- Sur les Iles des Pierres Dansantes. For details on this book, click the image.



Down by Jim Long's Stage- by Al Pittman, illustrations by Pam Hall-1977 and 2002

The first hard-cover, full-colour children's book published in Newfoundland, republished with new illustrations on its 25th Anniversary, and recently translated into French, this book was Hall's first project as an illustrator. For details on this book, click the image.