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Building a Village- 2013-ongoing

We always say " It takes a village..." whether to raise a child or solve a big problem. Wanting to make her own "village" visible, Hall initiated this collaborative community-building project to enlist help from those with whom she shares connection. Humble, simple and now engaging more than 200 participants around the world, the village is being grown  using social media, the public mail, and little folded paper houses. For details, and to follow the village as it grows, click the image.


Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge- 2011-2012

A collaborative art-and-knowledge project, the Encyclopedia represents a sustained research-inquiry into art as a means for making visible the marginalized knowledge practices of rural and coastal communities in Western Newfoundland. Part of Hall's doctoral research and production at Memorial University, the Encyclopedia represents experiential, material, traditional, contemporary, embodied, and practice-based knowledge shared by more than 80 collaborating co-autors in more that 20 small communities throughout Bonne Bay and the Great Northern Peninsula. For details on this collaboration and its multiple and ongoing public presentations, click the image.


Marginalia-Pam Hall and Margaret Dragu-2004-ongoing

A coast to coast correspondence project- a collaboration investigating connection, community, sexuality, aging, and domestic life- a virtual, physical, and daily engagement with distance and intentional relation- Marginalia is both a "long story" and a continuing one. For details on this collaboration and its first public performance, click the image.

Re-writing the Body-2000-ongoing

Since 2000, Hall has been undertaking writing workshops with women and girls throughout North America, to help her find and enable authors who will help her build a library of knowledge about "living in a female body". For details on this project, click the image.


Pedagogy and Process- Teaching and Learning- 1998- ongoing

Since 1998, Hall has been been a faculty member in the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Program at Goddard College in Vermont. Like many artists who also teach, Hall views her work with other artists at Goddard to be a central and profoundly important part of her artistic practice . For details on Goddard and Hall's pedagogy, please click the image.


Fish Ethics-1997-2000

For three years, Hall was a member of an interdisicplinary team of scholars exploring the ethical dimensions of the fisheries crisis on Canada' east and west coasts. Resulting in the publication of Just Fish- Ethics and Canadian Marine Fisheries in 2000, this project enabled Hall to broaden and deepen her work on the fisheries, to work with biologists, ethicists, theologians, historians and others, and to create a body of work intended to include the voices of practicing fishers in the scholarly discourse around these issues. For details on this work, click the picture.

Artist in Residence-1997-1999

In 1992, Hall audited courses in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University to pursue research questions important to her work. In 1997 she returned for two years to serve as the first Artist-in-Residence there. This project was foundational in Hall's developing work around the female body, her deepening engagement with ethics and representation, and was one of the pilot projects supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, as it moved towards funding community-based art practices in Canada. For details on this project, click the image.