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Hall began teaching at Goddard just as her residency in the Faculty of Medicine was drawing to a close- it began as a way for her to consider again the "usefulness" of working with students. She discovered a remarkable graduate program embedded within a remarkably progressive institution of higher education. Goddard has enabled an ongoing engagement with other artists who continue to examine the meaning and nature of art and its possibilities for social and personal transformation.

Hall is constantly challenged, and deeply privileged by her relationships with students, staff and other faculty throughout the College, and considers Goddard a primary community of discourse in the interdisciplinary arts and within progressive education in North America. For information on the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Progam, and on Goddard College itself, click here.

Hall's relationship to education and progressive learning date back to her early work in art education, and her own graduate studies in art and science. Below is an excerpt from her Goddard faculty biography which summarizes her approach to her teaching/learning practice-

"I am a practitioner... a working artist. I am a feminist; a political activist, an anti-colonial, and an ardent learner who has struggled to transgress the boundaries which fragmented knowledge when I was a student... whether they are between Art and Science, male and female, rational and intuitive. The perspectives that I try to bring to my interactions with students in the arts, are those of engaged, self-examined, and strategic creative practice within communities, however they might be defined. I believe that the artist in whatever discipline, has a crucial and fundamental role to play in the elaboration and representation of cultures, in the investigation of both cultural and individual voice, in the invention and examination of knowledge, and in the re-enchantment of our relationships with one another and with Nature. My work with students has enriched my life and my practice immensely... enlivening my deep curiosity about how and why we make meaning, challenging my spirit, my thinking and my heart, and re-invigorating my commitment to a community of diverse creators who are continuously engaged in learning."